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Can my salary be reduced if my reintegration is delayed due to corona?

Being sick during corona is still possible, of course, what should you do in these times?

Have you been ill for a long time? In that case, at least 70 percent of your wages will continue to be paid for the first two years. In some employment contracts it has been agreed that you will receive more in your first year and that your salary will be reduced in the second year. But the corona crisis may have prevented you from reintegrating. Is your employer allowed to lower your wages? Our experts will explain the situation to you.

Gatekeeper Improvement Act

When you are sick, you have to reintegrate. You, your employer and the company or occupational health and safety doctor will work together to see how you are doing, when you can get back to work and what exactly you can do then. The Gatekeeper Improvement Act states which steps you will take during the first two years of illness.

Pay during reintegration

During this reintegration process you are legally entitled to 70 percent of your wage - and at least the minimum wage. But in some employment contracts it has been agreed that you will receive more, for example during the first year of the process. Your wages will then be reduced after 52 weeks.

Delay due to corona

Lately we have been getting questions about this wage cut. Because what if your reintegration has been delayed due to the corona virus and the government measures? In terms of the number of weeks of illness, you can then be in your second year, while you were not able to take all the steps in your reintegration plan in the first year. Is your employer allowed to lower your wages? In theory, yes. But we prefer that your wages remain the same until you have been able to put in your 52 full weeks for your reintegration.

Have a conversation

Our advice for such situations: talk to your employer. Bring up your effort to reintegrate and discuss the impact of the corona crisis on your trajectory. What have you not been able to do recently? It helps during that conversation if you know exactly what you are entitled to. Therefore, check your terms of employment carefully. It is a sign of good employment practices if your employer recognizes your efforts and the impact of the corona crisis, and takes this into account when reducing your wages.

More information

Questions about your reintegration, the impact of the corona virus or this article? Or wondering how we can help you? Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Center. We are available every working day from 8.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. via and 0345 851 963.