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Member consultation ASML

Vakbondand ASML have made agreements in the past about adjusted working hours, which have been laid down in a 'Framework Agreement Flex Model', intended for Operations. 

ASML sees reason to now also apply the so-called 'Flex model' for Operations across ASML. This means that all rosters and flex schemes, which now only apply to operations, can also apply to all other departments at ASML, even where the environment does not immediately require them!

Given the weight of the schedules and their impact on work and private life, will De Unie make additional agreements about this that are appropriate for a company such as ASML.

Current situation Flex model ASML

ASML wants to be able to apply all existing schedules and regulations broadly, without additional agreements!

Vakbondand want to make additional agreements about, among other things:

  • the voluntariness in the introduction of a five-shift operation
  • a good arrangement with regard to elderly policy / employability
  • phasing-out schemes that supplement the current collective labor agreement provisions
  • more attention for informal carers

However, ASML does not want to comment on this and is now submitting the proposal as a final offer.
De Unie submits this proposal to the members with a negative voting advice.

De Unie-members are invited to the additional information meetings at:

Maandag February 5 2018
in the 'Witven' conference center
Runstraat 40, 5504 PD Veldhoven
Walk-in office hours from 14:00 pm to 20:00 pm

Close to building 10, through the tunnel on the right-hand side.

After the information meetings start De Unie a written membership consultation.
De Unie-members receive a newsletter with voting form for this.

The (yet) unorganized employees at ASML are of course also very welcome!