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Members agree with the Other Pension at asr

In recent times, the members of De Unie to be able to vote on the negotiated result achieved for a new pension scheme at asr. A large majority has agreed to the agreements made.

This concludes a long process on this important employment condition. A large majority of the other two trade unions, FNV and CNV Vakmensen, also voted in favor of the new pension scheme. In addition to positive reactions to the result achieved, there were also comments about the value retention of the accrued rights. Members are concerned about this and would like to see a proper interpretation of this uncertainty during the upcoming consultations on this subject. In addition, there is a great need for good communication and information about the scheme and the future choice moments.

What now

Asr is currently looking into options for an administrator of the new pension scheme. Asr's wish is to do this indoors. As an independent party, Willis Towers Watson checks whether the agreements are in line with the market for asr and the participants. In addition, we will continue to work on an extensive communication process and will start consultations about the value retention of the old rights early next year.


The other CLA expires at the end of this year. After the pension discussions have been concluded, there will be room for this again. We will shortly be submitting a request for the wishes of the members. If you already have ideas about your terms of employment and the collective labor agreement, please let me know. Then I can take a closer look at them and immediately include them in the survey among members.


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