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Members have agreed to the Collective Labor Agreement for Health Insurers

Results of the collective labor agreement vote

The members of De Unie have made a statement about the negotiation result for the collective labor agreement for the health insurers. The members have largely agreed to this CLA.

  • 84% of the votes were in favor
  • 11% of the votes were against
  •  5% of the votes was an abstention

The members of the other trade unions also voted predominantly in favor. This is how the collective labor agreement has been established. De Unie informed employers of this. The agreed salary increase will be paid out as soon as possible.

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Explanation of vote


The salary increase in particular is mentioned by members as an important reason for voting in favor.


The members who vote against indicate that they do this mainly because of the pension agreements. A substantial accrual discount has been agreed for 2021. This situation may also be the case for the year 2022. The members who voted against did not agree with this. Members also object to using the supplement fund to pay the premium. Several of the members who voted in favor also note that the pension scheme is lagging far behind.

Future of the pension scheme

De Unie has made efforts in the past year to also investigate whether a different method of pension formation would lead to better pension results for employees. Unfortunately, this did not work out this year. In 2021, the parties to the collective labor agreement will conduct a study into alternatives to the current pension scheme. We have agreed to try to introduce new pension arrangements quickly.


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