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January De Unie agree with the collective labor agreement and with the NN Group social plan

The vote on the collective labor agreement and the social plan was closed on Sunday 26 May 2019. After counting all votes cast, De Unie determined that the members largely agreed to the agreement.

Here's what De Unie concerns a new collective labor agreement and a new redundancy plan. For Delta Lloyd's social plan, this has been changed to a limited extent for the remaining term from 1 July 2019.

Delta Lloyd

About 95% of the members with a Delta Lloyd background voted positively. This group of members has broad support for the new collective labor agreement and the new social plan of NN and for the adjustments to the Delta Lloyd social plan.

NN Group

About 80% of the members with an NN background voted positively. Quite a few members of this group indicate that they agree because they realize that continuing the negotiations will not lead to a better result. But a large part, about 70%, is really satisfied with the result achieved.

The no-voters give various reasons why they vote no. The most frequently mentioned ground for rejection is the pension agreement. They note that a partner's pension on a risk basis is considered inappropriate and that the fixed premium of 30% (total) may have a negative effect on employees in the future. Many of the members who voted in favor also indicate that they are concerned about the change in the pension scheme. Because in the event of long-term low interest, the consequences will now have to be borne by the employees. This is also a concern for that De Unie. The deterioration in the pension scheme is significant.


In general, the members speak positively. We are of course happy with that. We also realize that there is still a lot to do. The new function plotting trajectory is still underway. And at NN there are many reorganisations in which we as vakbond for members to be ready to make a difference for them.