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Help, I have to return my lease car due to corona

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Is your lease car also standing still more than you would like? There is a good chance that now - and perhaps also after the pandemic - you will no longer drive it enough to keep it. Because a condition for many lease schemes is that you cover a minimum number of business kilometers per year. We are increasingly asked: 'Can my employer suddenly withdraw the scheme and take my car away now that I drive less?' Basically yes. But sometimes this has to be compensated.

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Corona crisis no exception

Your employment contract, collective labor agreement or mobility regulations often state how many business kilometers you have to drive per year in order to be entitled to the lease car. If you no longer reach this threshold, your employer may terminate the lease scheme. Unfortunately, it does not matter whether this is due to the corona crisis, a move (yours or the office) or because you have been given a different position, for which you have to travel less.

Compensation by employer

The lease car is often an employment condition. A very popular one, because you can also use the car privately. This means that your employer may not simply revoke the scheme. In order to unilaterally change employment conditions, there must be a change clause in your employment contract or it must have an important interest - such as the poor financial situation of the company. And if you do lose the advantage of a business car, then there must be something in return.

Your employer can compensate you, for example, by:

  • let you use the car until the lease contract ends;
  • offer you a monthly fee;
  • replace the car with a lease bicycle or e-bike;
  • offer you a train season ticket.

Does your employer also want to adjust your lease conditions?

Let us know! Our experts are happy to help you on your way and tell you what is and what is not allowed. We are available every working day from 8.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. via and 0345 851 963.