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Shrinking insurance sector: De Unie helps employees move forward

Do you work in the insurance industry? Ten years ago, the sector still had more than 46.000 employees, but employment is steadily shrinking. And the end of this movement does not seem in sight yet. At the same time observes De Unie a shift in activities. Administrative jobs, for example, are disappearing and are being replaced by ICT functions. We help you discover what you want and can do, now and in the future.

What does De Unie for you?

If you end up on the street due to a reorganization, you probably have a lot of questions. What are your rights and obligations, how should you proceed? Whether you need answers or just a listening ear: the specialists at De Unie are ready for you. For example with a career scan or personal advice on retraining.

We often hear from employees in the insurance industry that they want to follow a training course, but are not sure which choice will help them move forward. Because we are committed to employee development, our vakbond active in a working group specially set up by the collective labor agreement for insurance companies. In this way we can continue to encourage employers to develop into 'learning organizations', in which training for staff is self-evident. And we can support you to increase your labor market value.

Why is your labor market value important?

Your labor market value is the total package of knowledge, skills and competences. If your labor market value is high, you will have no trouble finding work within or outside your current organization. In other cases it helps De Unie to build it up. Together we will consider whether you want to work again within this sector or outside it. For example in business services, in IT or in government.

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