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Short report 2nd meeting ASML

This week has De Unie continued work on preparations for collective bargaining at ASML. In this context have De Unie and ASML spoke again on November 10, 2020.
In this meeting, ASML has made concrete on a number of points how they translate the insights from the DigiC research into proposals for their own ASML collective labor agreement.


In addition, an informal meeting with ASML took place on 12 November, where all trade unions were present. In these consultations, all parties expressed their views on ASML's wish for its own collective labor agreement and we discussed in a constructive atmosphere how a further process could be shaped with all parties. FNV, CNV and VHP2 have reiterated that a positive ROM decision is necessary for further substantive consultation. We respect the choice of the other trade unions not to hold formal consultations with ASML in advance of a ROM decision, but De Unie has made a different assessment. We therefore remain ready to pursue consultations. Naturally, other parties can also join the consultation at a later time.

Consultation November 10
The top priority themes that emerged from the DigiC study were:

  1. Work / life balance
  2. Appreciation and Reward
  3. Sustainable employability

In the consultation we mainly discussed the topics from the theme 'work / life balance'. This concerns, for example, the Generation Pact, birth leave, a sabbatical scheme, ADV days and special leave. The DigiC survey provides a lot of information about the wishes of ASML employees with regard to these subjects. Both De Unie as ASML mainly rely on the results of this research. Coming from our common analysis De Unie and ASML therefore largely come to similar conclusions.

In general terms, we see the same with the theme 'sustainable employability'. Also on this theme base both De Unie as ASML relies on the insights from the DigiC research.

With regard to the theme 'appreciation and reward', our ideas appear to be even further apart.

Proceeds consultation 10 November
We were able to have a good substantive discussion. De Unie has gained a clearer picture of ASML's wishes and the contours of a possible collective labor agreement result based on common insights. But we also have a better idea of ​​the subjects where we are not yet aligned. The dialogue has therefore not yet been completed and we cannot therefore express any concrete expectations yet.

Continuation of the consultation
De Unie and ASML have agreed to continue speaking with each other on November 17, 2020.