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Purchase IKB hours CLA Rijk

It turns out that many government employees are unaware that 2020 is a transition year when it comes to buying IKB hours. In principle, from 1 January 2020, buying an hour of leave will cost the employee an hourly salary + IKB budget. However, because the government employer has not properly informed employees about this, the vakbondand stipulated to make separate agreements for this year 2020. As a result, P-Direkt will check at the end of the year how much leave an employee has bought and taken. The IKB budget (= 80%) is then reimbursed for up to 16,37 hours. This will restore the deterioration for 2020.

Note: employees can apply for this through P-Direkt until 10 December.


For questions you can contact Harry van Herpen by e-mail or via 06 5252 2044.