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Kemira: Vote for negotiation result of new collective labor agreement

De Unie and her fellow unions reached a negotiation result with Kemira on April 30, 2018 for a new collective labor agreement. Members can vote on this negotiating outcome.

The negotiation result

Kemira's collective labor agreement expired on April 1, 2018. In the previous newsletter, the topic of flexible employment conditions was an important topic of discussion. Because the discussions on this have not yet been completed, the CLA parties have decided to agree on a CLA for 9 months. In other words, a collective labor agreement that runs from April 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

The CLA has hardly changed in terms of content. The only point that has really been negotiated is the structural wage increase for the collective labor agreement personnel. The stake was 2,8% for 9 months (which is equal to 3,5% over 12 months). It came out at 2,5% for 9 months. The structural wage increase will take effect retroactively from 1 April 2018.

The increase for higher collective labor agreements

Most members of De Unie are above collective labor agreements. The collective labor agreement increase does not apply to these members. The increase for the collective labor agreement above is made up of two parts: the CPI (cost of living) and the merit (assessment-dependent allowance). The CPI is 1,4%. De Unie however has no insight into the merit part. Kemira was therefore asked to provide insight on 30 April 2018. As is known, De Unie unfortunately no influence on both figures.

It is also expected that Kemira Rotterdam will determine the increase for above-CLA personnel in mid-May. That is 1,5 months later than intended. Kemira has emphasized that it must communicate this delay with its employees from now on.

Flexible terms of employment

In previous members' meetings, a large majority of our members at Kemira have spoken out in favor of more flexible working conditions. De Unie therefore submitted a proposal for a Personal Choice Budget (PKB) to the employer in January 2018. Kemira has also developed a proposal herself. On Friday April 13, 2018, Kemira and De Unie each other's proposals for flexible employment conditions explained in detail. A PKB has not yet been negotiated with each other.

Before they start negotiating a PKB, there is first with its members De Unie discuss which parts are very important and which are less. On Friday, May 4, 2018, a meeting will take place with the executives to discuss Kemira's proposal thoroughly. After that, a date for a members' meeting about the PKB proposal is planned.

Because the collective labor agreement increase does not apply to most members of De Unie, the PKB is an important subject for a new collective labor agreement. With the members of the colleague vakbondand there is insufficient support for a PKB. That is why it was agreed with Kemira on April 30, 2018 that a pilot with the PKB will be started for the higher-level collective labor agreements as of January 1, 2019.

What this PKB looks like should De Unie and Kemira still meet. That is why the next members meeting is so important. In addition, the pilot will only start if the members of De Unie agree to the final elaborated proposal. De Unie and Kemira strive to have the full proposal negotiated before the summer holidays.

Vote on the negotiating result of the collective labor agreement

You will find the total negotiation result for the new collective labor agreement here . De Unie is satisfied with the structural wage increase for CLA personnel. And that we were able to make an agreement about a pilot PKB for people who are above collective labor agreements. The negotiation result is presented to the members with a positive advice.

De Uniemembers can vote on this.


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