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Candidate wanted for accountability body ABP

Interested in pensions, knowledge of pensions and want to have a say in pension decisions? Then you seem the ideal candidate for the accountability body ABP!

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The term of office of the current members will come to an end on 1 July 2022. The ABP is therefore organizing elections in April 2022 for a new batch of representatives in the Accountability Body (VO). You are entitled to vote if you are a participant or retiree of ABP on 1 February 2022. In that case you can also participate as a candidate.

More information about the accountability body can be found here.
More information about the elections can be found here.

Why would you nominate yourself?

We can be brief about that. As a VO member you look after the interests of all three million participants at ABP. if vakbondslid of one of the AC Rijksvakbondand (NCF, Justicevakbond Juvox, VPW, VCPS and De Unie) in the accountability body, you represent the interests of these people.

How do you nominate yourself?

Do you want to apply as a member of the trade union federation AC (where the AC Rijksvakbondand fall under)? Send an extensive CV based on the profile (see below) and a motivation letter to by 10 December at the latest stating 'Elections ABP'. Let us know for which section you are applying: active or retired.
As a pensioner at ABP, you are running for a seat on behalf of the 'Retirees' electoral group. And as an active participant you stand for election for a seat on behalf of the 'Participants' electoral group. The nomination on behalf of the vakbond (AC) will then take place in the period from December 13, 2021 to January 28, 2022.

What is the profile sketch?

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Do you want to go through the vakbond AC candidate then we as AC Rijksvakbondand some additional requirements. You already have some basic knowledge about pensions, as evidenced by your SPO training(s). In addition, we like it as AC Rijksvakbondand important that both you as a candidate, as well as the AC Rijksvakbondand have a good idea of ​​what can be expected from each other. Part of the procedure is therefore that you as a candidate will be approached for an interview by a current AC member of the ABP accountability body.

Where can I go with questions about the procedure, the candidacy or if I need more?

want to know about the work of the AC in the accountability body?

In that case, send an email to with your phone number. We will then contact you.