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InsingerGilissen: CLA and social plan negotiations

We told you in our last newsletter de Uniemembers about the extension of the collective labor agreement with the wage question as the only subject. In addition, we would talk about the social plan, without knowing whether people will be fired and, if so, how many.


We have had a few meetings but are not much further. Initially, the employer did not want to make a wage offer because the wage demands in the labor conditions notes of the unions were said to be too high. We first had to come up with a lower wage demand. That was an unsatisfactory conversation, we had prepared ourselves to negotiate.

After some further agreements, we had another consultation last week. We will first discuss the section CLA. The CLA will expire on 1 July 2020. The employer proposes a term of 1,5 years, from 1 July 2020 to 1 January 2022. The employer only wants to give a wage increase of 1% from 2021 January 1. Then 1% from 2021 July 0,5, and finally 0,5% from 1 October 2021. There may still be a little space, but this is about it. We were very disappointed. We had also thought that in the current crisis the 5% and 4% per year from the labor conditions notes of the unions would not be achieved, but this was really a setback.

We have pointed out to the employer that this is the only subject of the collective labor agreement, there are no other proposals that still cost money. This collective labor agreement must take effect on 1 July 2020, but there will be no increase in 2020. The increase in 2021 will be very low if determined like this.

The employer has indicated that a number of years ago it switched to more performance-oriented remuneration. Part of the total wage margin has thus become dependent on performance pay. The collective labor agreement increase is only a small part of the total wage margin. In this light, according to the employer, it is a very reasonable proposal. The employer also indicates that the corona crisis plays a role.

We would like to hear from employees whether you agree with the employer's arguments. We would also like to hear the response to the employer's wage offer and what an acceptable wage offer is for you in view of the other wage components.

Social plan

The employer would like clarity about the social plan in the short term, so that a plan is ready in the event of a reorganization as a result of the merger with the Quintet group.

In 2017 there was a social plan for the merger between TGB and IdB. That was only to cushion the consequences of that merger. The severance payment was based on the subdistrict court formula. That social plan has expired.

The legal transition payment has now been introduced. That is a much lower compensation than the subdistrict court compensation from the old social plan. Last year there was another transition payment, which had a transitional arrangement for the elderly. That calculation came closer to the subdistrict court formula, but built up more slowly. The transitional arrangement for people who had been employed for more than 10 years has now been canceled.

The employer has indicated that it wishes to apply the severance payment from the old social plan for people who were already employed before 1 October 2017. For people who entered employment after 1 October 2017, the transition payment applies as it applied in 2019.

That is quite a difference. We find that difficult to distinguish between compensation based on the date of employment. There is also quite a difference between these two options. In this sector we are used to applying a correction factor to a transition payment. This can amount to 2% or more. It is missing here.

The employer says that the previous reorganization was not that long ago and assumes that employees will also see this old social plan as a frame of reference. The social plan will have to be adjusted in a number of parts, because it is a different merger, the situation is different. By the way, besides changing the termination compensation, there will not be many changes in the compensation. For example, the compensation for legal assistance and the amount for outplacement remain unchanged.

Before we talk further with the employer about the social plan, we would like to hear from the employees whether they agree with the distinction between compensation for employees who were employed before 1 October 2017 and employees who entered employment after the merger.

We would like to hear your views on both subjects. Because we cannot organize a meeting at the company, we would like to ask you to respond by email before June 11, 2020. You can email your response to