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ING: Continued periodic meeting April 2020

On behalf of De Unie I have, advocate Emanuel Geurts, together with the others vakbondand, periodic consultations with HR. Normally, this meeting is at the ING location Cedar in Amsterdam, but due to the corona measures, this was now via an online connection as most of the employees now work.


Current situation of collective labor agreements

  • Due to the corona crisis, the activities surrounding the education covenant have now come to a standstill.
  • The reason for the epic Replacement pool / job luck bringers has partly changed due to the corona situation. We stick to the original plan to facilitate employees who want time for leave for a better work-life balance and to follow a 'regular' training or 'additional' training. In addition, Alexander Stolze of Health & Wellbeing has a plan to support ING employees with coaching, among other things. This plan is being worked out in more detail and is still being discussed with the trade unions. To be continued.
  • The CMU benefit was provided in April 2020. In 2021, the payment will be based on the new parameters to be set up. There is contact with the Sustainability department about the parameters of the Collective Social Benefit. It is a challenge to process influenceable environmental objectives in the CMU. For example, the use of paper cups or other office supplies. This requires some thinking.

Measuring is knowing

Now that almost everyone works from home, measuring employee feelings may be extra important. ING asks this out with surveys and questions about how enthusiastic you are about the working day and the support and attention of colleagues and leads. HR indicates that both from Wellbeing and from the agile coaches a lot of support is given to leads to be able to support their teams and employees again.

Leave and recovery

HR indicates that not everyone takes enough time to get his / her rest. This is a concern because work stress and other circumstances also require a timely recovery. Even though this is currently not possible in the form of a (planned) holiday abroad. Trade unions emphasize that voluntary leave is part of the good conversation between employee and manager and individual customization. Are you unable to go on leave due to necessary work? Then discuss with the manager and colleagues when it is convenient to refuel.

Annual figures 2019                           

Retail CFO Rick de Boer gave us an explanation of ING's 2019 public annual figures. When asked whether the postponement of the Basel IV legislation helps the banks, Rick indicates that the year's postponement gives the banks extra air. He was also asked about a historical average of the risk costs. His answer was that, based on the figures from Retail Netherlands, these were substantially higher during the credit crisis.


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