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ING: Periodic consultation report October 2021

Periodic consultations

On October 26, 2021 De Unie held regular consultations with ING. In periodic consultations we discuss the state of affairs at the company and the progress of the study agreements from the collective labor agreement. Questions that I receive from members about the application of their employment conditions are also included in this consultation. The following topics were discussed:

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Hybrid mode

ING is preparing to work in a hybrid mode of working. In which teams decide together how many days a week and for which activities it is useful to meet at the office. The program has been extensively prepared. It is important that employees make their own choices about where they work.

We also discussed the exceptions, employees who do not want to go to the office at all, and employees who do not want or cannot work from home. ING indicates that employees who do not want to come to the office yet will not be forced to do so. So far, ING has also been able to facilitate anyone who would like to come to the office to do so.

Collective days off

Two extra days off have been agreed in the collective labor agreement. For the year 2021, these are set on December 27 and January 3 (2022). We have yet to determine the dates on which these collective days off will be recorded in the future. We have discussed the pros and cons of various options. It seems logical to tie in with existing holidays or a bank holiday. A point of attention is that we also prefer not to plan a public holiday on a day that is not a working day for many employees. No decision has been made yet. Your employer has asked trade unions to make a quick decision on this subject. Do you have an idea for a suitable day off? I'm curious.

Mobility card

ING is in the process of changing the mobility scheme. The NS offer has changed and travel traffic (commuting, business and private travel) has been very limited in the last 20 months. ING expects that employees will no longer travel to the office every day in the future. ING's plans are far-reaching (no more weekend trips). At the moment De Unie not a party to the consultations on the new arrangement. We want to be able to represent the interests of the members in this matter.

Future of Rewards

During the collective labor agreement negotiations, it was agreed that ING and the trade unions would discuss the remuneration system that should apply from 2023. We had an initial meeting, this kick-off meeting had an exploratory character. The initiative for these discussions lies with ING. The employer wants to modernize the current remuneration system, to make it less dependent on assessment. This is in line with a movement that we are also seeing at other companies in the financial sector. But consideration is also being given to diversification in remuneration. We have agreed that ING will elaborate on the remuneration vision at a subsequent meeting. De Unie will reflect with the executives on developing a vision on remuneration that we consider appropriate at ING.

CLA text

A working group is hard at work converting the negotiation result into collective labor agreement texts. As soon as the text is ready, I will put it on the website of De Unie ( to publish.

Divestment Payvision

ING has decided to phase out the investment in Payvision. The business activities will be terminated in a controlled manner for a period of eighteen months. The rumor had been circulating in the market for some time. A social plan has been drawn up for Payvision employees. De Unie has agreed with ING to discuss ING's perspective in the rapidly developing new forms of financial services market.


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