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ING: Response De Unie on proposals ING

10 October 2022

De Unie has taken the position in the collective labor agreement that ING's salary offer is too paltry to seriously start negotiations. ING telephoned on 3 October that no higher offer would be made on or before 12 October. After that, in consultation with the executives of De Unie decided to cancel the October 12 meeting. After all, we know that ING will not promise an additional structural salary increase. De Unie it would be better to spend the time of the consultation (Wednesday morning, October 12, 2022) on consultation with the (executive) members about our next steps. ING has since made public that ING is prepared to increase the one-off payment for some of its employees.

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Activities for a good collective labor agreement

The first step is to write a substantiated response to ING's proposals. That's what ING is asking for. With this we make the collective labor agreement negotiations transparent for the members. Here you can read the concept letter. Our preliminary conclusion is: in addition to the structural salary increase of 2%, ING offers a one-off payment and an extension of the option to grant employees an individual salary increase within the scale if the employee develops horizontally or vertically. In front of De Unie is this not a reason to make an adjustment to our initial proposal to increase the salaries with the price compensation plus 1%.

If you want to join the conversation, you can do that on Wednesday 12 October between 09.00 and 10.00 online. It is a walk-in session, switch in when it fits into your agenda. Does this time not suit you? Then give your opinion by e-mail to one of the members of the negotiating delegation no later than Wednesday 12 October.

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Future Activities

Other steps with which we want to move ING towards a good structural salary increase are still being prepared.

The next collective labor agreement meeting is scheduled for 20 October from 09.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.


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