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ING: Periodic meeting February 2020

On behalf of De Unie I have, advocate Emanuel Geurts, together with the others vakbondand periodic consultation with HR and part of the consultation also with members of the COR. The agenda of the meeting includes subjects that the bank and / or the trade unions put forward. ING employees are guests to explain a topic or department. The topics we discuss are related to the agreements in the collective labor agreement, the social plan, pension scheme, legislation, practice and management of ING. Points raised by Union members are also discussed.

Annual figures 2019

The 2019 annual figures have been briefly discussed. The following PO, the annual figures are explained by an expert and there is more interpretation of the figures in the perspective of those of the past.

Introduction to Ruud van Dusschoten

We got to know Ruud van Dusschoten as the new boss of ING Netherlands. In terms of content, we discussed:

It was a pleasant and open conversation that is worth repeating for all parties.

Demos CAO squads

Acquaintance with Ruth McGill

Ruth McGill has been appointed Chief Human Resources Officer as of January 1, succeeding Hein Knaapen. She spoke to us about the importance of developing a standard set of systems and support tools that are used globally. HR Global now has a multitude of systems and tooling. Ruth wants to work towards uniformity so that HR remains effective and can make an impact for employees and the business. Her wish is to standardize the employee experience across countries as much as possible. This with respect for country-specific legislation and regulations and in a good relationship with the social partners. This was also a pleasant conversation and Ruth is happy to drop by if we want to discuss topics with her.

Executive group

We are looking for reinforcement for our executive group. The executive group consists of a club of motivated members who meet several times a year in Utrecht to discuss developments within the bank, terms of employment and collective labor agreement formation. The executive group identifies matters that are at play in the bank and discusses this with me. This information position is important during regular consultations between the bank and the trade unions. On the other hand, I ask executives to gauge subjects among colleagues within the bank.

In the course of the year we will start negotiations for a new collective labor agreement, the pension scheme and the social plan. It is precisely during this period that the executive group, as a reflection of the entire bank, is of great importance. We will first test our own proposals, but also those of the bank, within the executive group. The group must therefore be a good reflection of the total population within the bank.

If you are a Union member and you are interested, or a colleague who may be interested, please let us know. We are very happy to start a conversation. Executives must of course serve as members De Unie to be, but can also be!

Career scan

With the advent of the IDP (Individual Development Plan), the bank hopes that new attention will be paid to employees' career questions. From now on, the bank also links fixed timelines to filling in, discussing and evaluating your IDP. Our career scan can help you think about the Plan for Now, Plan for Next and Plan for Beyond. In individual conversations with an experienced coach and during our workshop with colleagues from the financial sector, we inspire you to get started with your future, at the bank or elsewhere. Curious? We are available for questions and comments on careerscan@unieconsultancy.nl and 0345-851 256. Or leave here a callback request.


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