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ING: Explanation session CLA


Due to extraordinary circumstances we want to inform you about the Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) in English.

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We have been negotiating for a while and steps have been taken on the themes of wellbeing, craftsmanship and work code that are important to you. Throughout the entire process, we have observed that time is a theme that also requires attention. The wages section was on the agenda last time.

On Wednesday, March 10, De Unie and the other trade unions had to jointly conclude that further negotiation about the collective labor agreement is no longer useful at this time. It will come as no surprise to you that views on wages are too divergent. We will therefore suspend the negotiations until April 13th and will consult with our members.

Explanatory discussions

The three trade unions would like to provide you with an explanation of the state of affairs on all topics in the negotiations, so that you are even better informed. The joint member meetings can be attended by ING members on various dates and times via the links below. We have added a session in English on Tuesday 23 March. We have had three sessions on Wednesday 17 March and the remaining sessions are on Monday and Tuesday next week.

The members have received an invitation to participate in the meetings.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions or if you are looking for contact, please email me at emanuel.geurts@unie.nl or call me on 06-5252 2074. You can also contact De Unie union members Yoap Brugmann and Michel Rutte.