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ING: collective labor agreement, periodic consultation and pension

Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020


This newsletter focuses on the negotiations for a new collective labor agreement, the latest periodic consultation and information about the pension.

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CLA negotiations

Wednesday 3 February 2021 we talked about pay, well-being and time. The trade unions have taken a step towards ING with a joint wage demand of 3% for a one-year collective labor agreement. For us it is logical that you also take a standard step within your scale every year, unless you are not functioning. This reflects the learning curve in a knowledge-intensive position. Personal growth instead of reward should be central to the good conversation. A tricky point, but the trade unions are willing to let go of the final scale amount and let this benefit the scale-up movement. We will then stick to the 25-year anniversary bonus. In the case of alternatives to remuneration, next time we will discuss shortening of working hours, share participation, RVU scheme, expanding the CMU scheme and bonuses. We want to talk further about collective training days and raising the development budget (IDP) to 1.200 euros per employee. In the subject of wellbeing we will come back to tailor-made funeral leave, time for wellbeing / reflection and chair massage.

ING has given an initial response to our offer. She is prepared to go back from three years of zero line to two years of zero line in a collective labor agreement for two years. A small scale-up movement may well be possible. ING would like to continue with the unlimited leave pilot. ING will make its offer more concrete on the coming negotiation day (17 February), so that it becomes clearer what the value of the ING offer is.

Periodic consultations

The trade unions held periodic consultations with ING on 14 January 2021. The agenda included an explanation of the RfA process for Wholesale Banking by Mark Pieter de Boer, Head of Sectors of the Wholesale domain. Within Global Business there will be a reduction of 600 employees and in the Netherlands Mark Pieter expects a reduction of 100 FTEs. We succeeded in relocating 50% of these employees within the bank. Jessica Bloom and Silvie Pothof from the University of Groningen updated us on the interim results of the unlimited leave pilot. They expect to have the final report on the pilot ready by the end of February or early March. We have also received an update on the CLA squads learning account, employment fund and the education covenant.


The definitive funding ratios of the ING CDC Pension Fund as at 31 December 2020 are known. The funding ratio is 104% and the policy funding ratio is 98%. The funding ratio indicates whether the fund has sufficient money on the reference date to pay the accrued pensions now and in the future. With a funding ratio of 100%, there is enough money in the cashier's hand on the reference date to pay out the accrued pensions. The funding ratio as at 31 December 2020 is calculated at 104%. More information about this can be found on the fund website at ING employees who have previously accrued pension with the ING pension fund see their pension increased in line with wage developments and price inflation. More information about this can be found at


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