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ING Bank: Report of the periodic consultation September

On Thursday, September 20, 2018, there was periodic consultation between the bank, De Unie and the other trade unions. In this newsletter the report thereof.

Zapping 2.0

Director Annet van der Hoek has joined at the request of the unions. The following topics were discussed:

  • the ratio flex-fixed
  • the models versus reality at Call
  • the adjustments that are / will be made on the instructions of the employees in customer service and customer contact
  • the remuneration & job evaluation

ING seems to be doing the right thing with employees; a good case!

CLA and social plan

We discussed various points for this agenda item:

  • the placement and selection process in cross border reorganization
  • the social plan implementation practice in connection with the outsourcing of Mobility
  • the application of the RVU in the social plan and the decision of the Supreme Court
  • the impact of internationalization on the Transition Work Plan (OWP) and the sourcing protocol
  • the planning of the coming collective bargaining negotiations.

We have now planned dates from the end of October to March 2019. I will return to the topics that are important in the upcoming negotiation process in a separate newsletter.

Update pension file

Pension manager Jaap Flotman has given us an update on where we stand with the various matters concerning pensions. The pension agreement reached at ING has now been converted into a draft pension agreement that is checked by the parties to the collective labor agreement. The same applies to the assignment to the ING CDC pension fund. The communications working group has drawn up a project plan to inform and advise ING employees about pensions and to increase pension awareness.


Hilde Dijksterhuis of Health and Safety explained the results of the Work Energy Scan (WES) 2018. The results should also be a point of discussion for each department. If this has not been done yet, ask about it at the next work meeting. Although participation in the scan leads to valid results, the bank wants to increase participation in the coming year. The trade unions will also pay attention to this in their membership letters at the WES 2019.

Union questions about ING settlement with OM

With the help of Union members, we asked ING a laundry list of sharp questions about follow-up investigations, responsibilities, measures, disciplinary law, ethics, financial impact, personnel policy and trust in the bank. The replies received from the bank are formal and give little to no satisfactory answer. The bank often refers to previous publications on the case by ING or the Public Prosecution Service, or the answer is that the requested information cannot be shared for privacy reasons or good employment practices. We understand from the bank that CEO NL Vincent van den Boogert has held dialogue sessions to answer questions from employees. Are there any questions or are there other matters to discuss? Let me know by email or call 06-52522074. I like to hear it!