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ING Bank: Report of the periodic meeting in March

Work meeting at ING

On behalf of De Unie Together with my colleagues from the other trade unions, I have consultations with HR every 3rd Thursday of the month throughout the year and part of the consultations also with DB COR. The agenda of the meeting includes subjects that the bank and / or the trade unions put forward. ING staff usually attend as guests to explain a topic or department. The topics we discuss are related to the agreements in the collective labor agreement, the social plan, pension scheme, legislation, practice and management of ING. Points from Union members are also discussed.


Prior to the work meeting with HR ING, the trade unions held consultations with the ING CDC pension fund on the development of the (premium) coverage ratio, the movements of the world economy, the monetary policy of central banks and the effects on equities, real estate and funds. These are important indicators for the realization of the intended return and the accrual of pensions. At least twice a year, the trade unions, ING and the CDC fund meet to discuss developments in the pension field.


Discussions were held with the Tax Authorities about the application of the RVU in preventive mobility and the replacement scheme. ING and the trade unions are discussing the criteria for letting go of the RVU assessment without suddenly more older employees leaving ING through preventive mobility. This seems possible with an additional assessment role for the Tax department, but requires some extra time and consultation with the Tax and Customs Administration.


Negotiations for a new collective labor agreement have been concluded with broad agreement from the members. Now we are going to work in the CLA squad with the elaboration in concrete text, such as the budget-neutral solution for the cancellation of the assessment increase. We want to have the new text ready by the end of April, so that it can be officially signed.


In 2018, a large number of FM employees transferred via sourcing to CBRE as a facility services provider to ING. The trade unions have received signals that the ACCI division is undergoing a reorganization and that CBRE has made individual offers to leave a number of employees. We discussed both points with Bart Reintjes of HR ING. It has been agreed to contact CBRE and to discuss this.

Annual figures

We received an explanation of the 2018 annual figures from Rick de Boer, the financial man of Domestic Bank. The effects of low interest rates, staff numbers, fixed-flex ratio, profit and expectations for 2019 were discussed.


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