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ING Bank: Periodic meeting November 2019

Work meeting at ING

On behalf of De Unie I have, advocate Emanuel Geurts, together with the others vakbondand every third Thursday of the month, throughout the year, meetings with HR and part of the meetings also with DB COR. The agenda of the consultation includes subjects that the bank and / or the trade unions put forward. ING staff usually attend as guests to explain a topic or department. The topics we discuss are related to the agreements in the collective labor agreement, the social plan, pension scheme, legislation, practice and management of ING. Points from Union members are also discussed.

CLA cases

At ING, we will have so-called 'slow conversations' in the coming months on numerous topics related to employment conditions and labor relations. They are like legs-on-the-table conversations. These discussions can lead to further in-depth knowledge of, for example, remuneration policy with experts. The demos of the collective labor agreement squads Unlimited leave and Informal care were also discussed. The Unlimited Leave trial will start on 1 January 2020 with about 700 to 800 employees. The Collective Labor Agreement squad is almost ready and the work done can be handed over to the Wellbeing department. Informal carers will be put in the spotlight on 27 November 2019 at the ING locations in Amsterdam and Leeuwarden.

Various topics

We discussed the use of the work-related costs scheme with the DB members of the COR. In contrast to other years, there is no extra space to do anything with any free space in 2019. Marjolein de Ruiter has an explanation of information on training policy and Arriette Kat has indicated the policy changes at ING as a result of the Labor Market in Balance Act (WAB). We also met team lead Alexander Stolze. He has given us an update on his plans regarding Wellbeing.


There are two retirement matters that are topical now. The first is the accrual discount for 2020 about which the ING CDC fund informed the participants in November. You can read more about this on their website at The other pension topic is the harmonization of various schemes at the other (closed) pension fund ING, which you can read more about on the PFI website via and the newsletter of De Unie about that via . De Uniemembers can still vote until 2 December next.


If you want to respond to this newsletter or want to contact about a collective matter, you can reach me, Emanuel Geurts, by e-mail  or via my telephone number 06-5252 2074. For individual advice, please contact my colleagues from the Service Center department on 0434-851 963, by e-mail or the chat function We are happy to help!