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ING Bank: Periodic Consultation

Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

This newsletter is about the periodic consultations that the trade unions had with ING HR on Thursday 3 June 2021. Below is a summary of the points we discussed together.

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  • ING is working with a project group on the return of employees to the office and the associated parking policy. We will get more information about this in a future meeting.
  • HR has explained the status of the letter to employees concerned about the cancellation of the 25% discount on the costs of the ING Payment Package as of 1 August 2021.
  • HR proudly informed us about ING's move to further invest in the financial self-reliance of vulnerable young people and women in the coming years. The MEE Future Coach receives a donation to make vulnerable young people between the ages of 16 and 27 work fit and financially resilient.
  • I have drawn attention to the application of the CMU among employees who have switched from flex to permanent in the past two years. They contribute to the environmental objectives but are excluded from the CMU benefit. The point is clear, but because it is a collective agreement matter, it belongs on the negotiating table.
  • We considered the turnover, renewal and composition (nationality) of senior management and the effect on management style, culture, labor relations and employment conditions in the Netherlands. I also asked about the status of Unite and the state of affairs of One ING's strategy. In a next PO we will discuss these topics further.
  • When asked whether there is a good total overview of all reorganisations, HR referred to the Works Council pages on One Intranet where all Rfas can be found clearly for all ING employees.
  • The employee representation has informed us via HR that the elections for a new employee representation will be from February 1, 2022 to February 15, 2022. More information about the nomination procedure for members of the trade unions will follow later this year.
  • Mariëlle Malenstein updated us on the application of sourcing within ING, the role of employee representation & trade unions and the five ING locations used for sourcing. Trade unions have asked (critical) questions about the provision of information, which legal agreements apply when and the perception and influence of the employees involved on the (quality of) the sourcing process.
  • Hidde Coebergh and Léon Wijnands we submitted questions and reactions from the supporters about the announced reorganization at Kantoren en Vermogensadvies. The points we put on the table were related to, among other things, the vision for the future, previous reorganisation(s), commitment to (development of) employees and/or digitization, knowledge requirements and retention, application of the instruments from the preventive mobility phase of the social plan, customer experiences and relations between the Netherlands and Belgium. It was a good conversation in which mutual clarity was given about the reorganization.


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