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ING Bank: Month of the Vakbond

Want to earn € 25 on credit?

April is again the Month of the Vakbond at ING. In this month ING and De Unie extra attention to the importance of the work of the trade unions at ING.

For you as a Union member

Make a colleague member in April and receive € 25 in vouchers this month. Normally this is € 12,50 for every colleague that you bring in as a Union member. And more colleagues who are members of De Unie means more influence on the terms of employment. Finally, the members determine what is important in negotiations about the pension, the collective labor agreement and the social plan.

Forward this message to colleagues? Thanks for that! On they read what else their membership has to offer.

Especially for colleagues

ING pays for membership for one year upon registration / registration in April. For example, ING shows that it is very important that employees are properly and professionally represented at the negotiating table. After that year the membership ends automatically. Click here and become a member for free! We arrange everything else. Just enter the name of the colleague who pointed this out to you!

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