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ING Bank: The new collective labor agreement. What do we focus on?

De Unie is committed to a new collective labor agreement that does justice to the interests of the parties involved. This commitment is characterized by a combination of basic principles and concrete measures in the field of terms of employment, working conditions and labor relations within ING Bank.

To arrive at this commitment, we made inquiries at de Uniemembers of ING and combined these proceeds with the Perspective Memorandum 2020 to the themes and commitment below. Since we do not yet know the results of the four working groups from the research phase, we can still change proposals or submit new ones.

Terms of employment and employment relationships

With the following five points, we believe that employees feel appreciated for the production they have delivered and will deliver in special circumstances. These are:


Employees thrive in a culture where employees are given time and appreciation for developing their personal craftsmanship and doing business with their talents. Their employability increases the value delivered to the customer at ING or in another job market. De Unie therefore makes the following proposals:

Working Conditions

By giving employees more control, they can determine optimal working conditions and be productive. That is why we propose the following:


The points below enable us to represent the interests of its (potential) members. This enables ING to be and remain an attractive employer.

These themes and principles are not exhaustive. We can make additions and / or changes to this commitment letter during the negotiations.

If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact us by e-mail emanuel.geurts@unie.nl or call 06-5252 2074.