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ING Bank: CLA news October 2019


Elaboration of our CLA agreements 2019-2020

On Friday 4 October 2019, ING, De Unie and the other trade unions have reached agreement on the details of the collective labor agreement agreements for 2019-2020. ING and the trade unions work together in an agile way on the interpretation and implementation of these agreements. This means that the agreements from the negotiation result have been partly worked out, but partly not yet. This is still being worked on during the term of the collective labor agreement. The full CLA text with all details will be published later this month on One Intranet and on the ING page of De Unie.

Our Happiness at Work

With the Collective Labor Agreement 'Ons Werkgeluk', we as parties to the collective labor agreement want to contribute to employee happiness at work. That is why we offer employment conditions with fewer rules and more principles. With frameworks and agreements that match the wishes of the employees, who recognize talents and are in line with the Accelerated Think Forward strategy. At ING we believe that you can only make a difference if you pursue your own purpose and take responsibility for your own development and career. This way you have the control to get the best out of yourself every day, to continue to develop your craftsmanship and to feel vital. De Unie endorses the direction of its own development and the creation of the right preconditions by ING in order to be able to implement this.

Work balance & life stages

In the pilot 'Unlimited leave', we are investigating, in collaboration with the University of Groningen and Tampere University (Finland), what the effect is of simplifying all the different leave arrangements and the possibility to let the employees themselves determine when and for how long you take leave. The question is whether this contributes to happiness at work and to a culture change in which more autonomy is central (principles over rules). The pilot consists of a number of tribes and will run throughout 2020. In addition, partner leave will be extended. From 1 July 2020, the statutory partner leave scheme will be expanded. ING offers its employees six weeks of fully paid partner leave from 1 November 2019. A beautiful Union point realized!

Social relevance

We think it is important that you can be there for your loved ones, such as parents, children or partner, and that you can take paid care leave. The basic principle is that informal care requires a tailor-made solution in which you are given the space to combine work and care tasks in good consultation with your lead and team. For example, we have expanded short-term care leave to fully paid leave.

Everyone participates

We place more emphasis on employment and job security for employees with an occupational disability with the Unknown Talent program. The aim of this program is to make existing positions within ING accessible to jobseekers and employees with an occupational disability. During the term of this CLA, at least 20 new ING colleagues with an occupational disability will start working.

Reward & appreciate

The salary has increased by 1% as of September 2019, 3 and will increase by another 3% as of September 1, 2020, with the lower and upper limits of the salary scales also increasing by 3%. We will let go of the automatic link between performance management and remuneration. With this we create space to openly discuss development without affecting your salary.

For the April 2020 salary increase only, ING and the trade unions have agreed that the position of the salary in your salary scale determines the salary growth. We assume that your learning curve is the steepest in the first years of a new role:

  • If your salary is below the middle of your salary scale, you will receive a 2,85% increase;
  • If your salary is at or above the middle of your salary scale, you will receive a 2% salary increase;
  • If you have reached the maximum of your salary scale, you will receive a one-off amount of up to € 600 gross. Do you work part-time? Then you will receive the amount in proportion to your part-time percentage.

In addition, employees will receive a small one-off benefit called Collective Social Benefit (CMU) in April 2020. You will receive the CMU if you have been employed throughout the year in 2019 and you are still employed at the time of payment (in proportion to the scope of the employment). In 2021, this amount will depend on ING's results and a number of CSR-related objectives, which will be further elaborated in the coming months.

Member benefits

As a Union member you can get a growing number of benefits. De Unie does its best to regularly expand the range in order to earn back more and more (part of) the contribution! Have a look at our page for interesting packages and offers on insurance, travel, electricity, mobility and personal development.


If you want to respond to this member letter or want to contact me about a collective case, you can reach me, Emanuel Geurts, by e-mail or via my telephone number 06-5252 2074. For individual advice, please contact my colleagues from the service center department on 0345-851963, via email or the chat function We are happy to help!