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ING Bank: “Remuneration and Valuation”

This member letter focuses on the collective labor agreement research on remuneration and evaluation, collective bargaining, record fine and a new newsletter.

Reward and Appreciate

Via an email or intranet message from HR director Maarten van Beek, the vakbondsleden were asked on behalf of the CLA parties to participate in a study about 'Remuneration and Valuation'. De Unie also participates in this as a CLA party. De Uniemembers have been invited to give an opinion through the survey and to register for the dialogue sessions. As a Union member you can help yourself to the terms of employment. The results of the survey are then also shared with the staff.

CLA negotiations

We will start discussions about the new collective labor agreement at the end of October 2018. This is done with the help of a proposal letter and the wishes of de Uniemembers for the new ING collective labor agreement as of 1 January 2019. As a Union member you can influence the deployment of De Unie. Obviously be de Uniemembers kept informed of the progress of the negotiations. We go de Uniemembers ask for their input, but if there are already issues that are important for the new collective labor agreement, please let them know.

Record fine

With a record fine for failing supervision at ING, the still shaky confidence in the financial sector is being damaged again. After the commotion about Ralph Hamers' proposed pay increase, employees are once again allowed to explain to friends and family how this could happen and who will be affected by the multi-million fine. Partly with the help of members of the Union, we asked ING sharp questions about follow-up investigations, responsibilities, measures, disciplinary law, ethics, financial impact, personnel policy and trust in the bank. Now we have to wait for answers from the bank. A summary of this will follow.


In addition to the well-known member letter, we will also be publishing a newsletter that will look different, both in terms of form and content. We don't want to reveal anything about the form yet, but in terms of content we want to give more space to general trends in the financial sector, labor market developments and input from all our members at ING. Share something with colleagues? Let us know via of