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IHC: New owners for Royal IHC

We had to wait a long time, but it was finally announced on April 30, 2020 that Royal IHC will be taken over by a consortium. This will better safeguard the future of IHC.

There had been unrest within the company for many months and the uncertainty will hopefully end now. A consortium comprising major customers of IHC takes over the company. This shows that there is great commitment to the continued existence of IHC.

The government is also involved in the takeover. This shows that everyone sees shipbuilding as an important part of the Dutch economy.

Interim CEO

It was previously announced that Dave Vander Heyde would leave as CEO. In the meantime it has also been announced who will succeed him temporarily as an interim collective labor agreement, Mr Gerben Eggink. We hope that he will be able to get IHC up and running again operationally.

What now?

There is an agreement in principle, which means that things have to be worked out further (legally). As soon as this is completed, it will also be possible to look at the future of the IHC organization.

We realize that this will also bring uncertainty for you. After all, the consequences for personnel are still unknown. This will be announced in the (near) future.

It is good that there is now clarity about the continued existence of IHC. In the coming period, we will hold further consultations with IHC about the consequences for personnel.

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