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ICK CLA: Result CLA 2021

The collective labor agreement will expire at the end of this year. That is why we have discussed a new collective labor agreement with employers in recent weeks. Naturally, these discussions also reflected on the consequences of the corona pandemic. Many companies affiliated with the ICK collective labor agreement have been hit hard by the virus in the past year. Sometimes directly, but also often because customers have been touched. Of course there are also a few companies that were less affected by this. In short, a difficult situation to make agreements that suit everyone. That made these negotiations different than usual. On the one hand, we want to listen to the wishes of our members. On the other hand, we do not want to be blind to the situation within the companies. The good news is that we still managed to get a result. A result that may be 'different' from other years, but still does justice to the situation in which we all ended up. 

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The content of the result (see the appendix here) is as follows:

  • Duration of one year.
  • Wages will increase by 1% on 2 January, unless employers have been hit so hard that they have had to make use of the NOW scheme and / or that the economic results have turned so 'red' due to the corona crisis that everyone understands that a wage increase of 2% would not be responsible. In such a case, that employer can submit a request to the employer's delegation and vakbondand to be excluded from the wage increase.
  • Employers may (do not have to) designate 5 collective days of leave. This is allowed once because at many companies, due to corona, hardly any days are taken and reservoirs of leave are threatened again. What does not help is that some companies have also remained in place from previous years (non-statutory days). It is a temporary measure to help alleviate the consequences of corona within companies.
  • The training / sustainable employability budget will be increased by EUR 100 to EUR 400 annually.
  • There will be a recommendation on how companies and employees can deal with the (temporary) possibility to stop working up to 3 years earlier without a fine from the tax authorities. Here too, the needs and wishes per company and employee vary considerably. In our opinion, it is one of the possibilities to get fit to and over the (retirement) finish. We are very curious about how this extra instrument will be used within the companies (employers then undertake to pay out a maximum of the AOW benefit in three years).
  • In addition, agreements have been made about TPOW, youth wages, dealing with grief and updating job profiles.

De Unie is satisfied with the outcome of the discussions. In these special times, it is more important than ever that we try to make agreements that are appropriate for all companies and that still do justice to the commitment of employees. That now seems to have worked. Therefore, submit this result with a positive voting advice at de Uniemembers for.  

The members have received an invitation to vote. They can vote until January 5, 2021, noon.

Questions or remarks?

Are there any questions or comments? Please contact the representative, Ina Kahil via and on 06-5252 2090.