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Holland Casino: newsletter


De Unie has always been very critical of the proposed privatization of Holland Casino. Not only because of the importance of the employees, but also because of HC's special social position. We have therefore 'celebrated' the recent withdrawal of the bill.

This puts an end to a long period of uncertainty, which was also experienced in the same way by employees. For the time being, we can assume that there will be no privatization and that we will continue to work together towards a successful future for HC. Not only in the interests of guests and the government (shareholder), but above all in the interests of HC employees. After all, for them it also means that the current collective labor agreement is and will remain the basis of their terms of employment and that there will be no mutual competition with possible consequences for employment and terms of employment.

We therefore no longer (continue to) speculate on a future privatization no longer seems appropriate, even though the current government still seems to allude to this. In that respect they seem like a 'bad loser'. After all, a new discussion about possible privatization in the future does not change the dilemmas and trade-offs now made by politicians! And that offers hope for the future when it comes to HC's current special and successful position.

And we are not sitting still… ..

Flex / Fixed

With the agreements made in the collective labor agreement, the permanent contract should be the norm. A number of conditions are attached to the conversion from a flexible to a permanent contract. One of these is 'the proper functioning' of the employee. Unfortunately, it has turned out that discussion has arisen about the latter in some branches. We have tried to make clearer agreements about this with HC. Unfortunately that did not work. However, this does not alter the fact that we will continue to monitor the situation. Members whose temporary contract is not converted into a permanent contract due to 'inadequate performance' can contact us.

Sustainable employability

A central career center has been set up recently. Employees can go there with questions and receive support. We have already indicated that we think this is a significant 'step in the right direction' because it is important that employees continue to invest in themselves. Not only to be able to do the job well, but also with pleasure. Now and in the future and within or outside Holland Casino.

Unfortunately, our earlier point of criticism remains intact. We still believe that the agreements made in the collective labor agreement within the framework of the VAA / VVR have been interpreted too narrowly. The new LVR hardly makes a positive contribution in this respect either. The rules drawn up by HC are sometimes debatable and have meant that so far only limited use may be made of the scheme.

The door De Unie topics such as the may deviate positively of the LVR, investigation into longer recovery time within VGR, attention for older employees(including possible expansion of subsidized part-time) and possible financial support for reduction of working hours have not yet been further investigated and possibly elaborated. It has been agreed that we will discuss this further with HC at the end of this year - if 'data' is available from the career center.



Due to all kinds of - often external factors - pension accrual within HC remains a matter of concern. The accrual percentage has continued to decline in recent years. This problem has been recognized and that is why we are discussing with STAP (the administrator of the HC scheme) how we can improve the situation and increase the accrual of your pension. Unfortunately there is no such thing as 'free money', so this is quite a complex matter. It is expected that we will be able to make decisions in the coming months. You will of course be informed about this.

Min-max contracts

In addition, De Unie actually discovered by accident that HC does not pay a pension premium for employees with a min-max contract over the hours between min and max and that the employees in question therefore only accrue limited pension. We find that 'remarkable' and have asked critical questions about it. For the time being, we take the position that hours between min and max are NOT extra work and should therefore be pensionable. As soon as we have an answer from HC, we will certainly come back to that.

Job evaluation

Holland Casino has been working for some time on the development of a current and future-proof function house for Holland Casino. This is necessary to keep the job classification and evaluation system up-to-date.

Specialists have also been involved from the start vakbondand. The so-called 'reference jobs' have now been updated and the final touches are currently being put to updating and testing the job descriptions of the non-reference jobs.

Preparations for the implementation phase will start in mid-June, by classifying all existing functions in concept. If it turns out that certain jobs, as a result of the reclassification, will end up in a lower job scale, this will be discussed with vakbondand consulted.


So much for this newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of our executives or send me a message (