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How do you keep working fine and fit until you retire?

You want to reach your state pension age comfortably, but it is slowly increasing. As a result, we have to work longer and can only enjoy our pension later. Sustainable employability is becoming increasingly important, for you and your employer. What exactly is it, and what do you have to do for it? We explain that in this blog.

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What is sustainable employability?

As an employee, how do you stay good, fit (mentally and physically) and motivated to do your work? That is what sustainable employability is all about. For example, some follow (digital) training or education, others ensure a better work-life balance. There is a different solution for everyone. Find out for yourself what you need. In this way you not only work on your own future, but you also contribute to a flexible and productive organization.

Budget for sustainable employability

More and more collective labor agreements contain agreements to stimulate sustainable employability. For example, some solutions are funded (fully or partially) from a budget - often aimed at education, development and health. A few examples of such solutions:

  • Extra free hours
  • Career advice
  • Gym subscription
  • Development budget for education, course or training
  • Generation Pact: job reduction for older employees
  • Recording Sustainability Employability Day at your own discretion
  • Contribution to financial advice to gain better insight into your finances


Do you want to follow a course and does your employer reimburse most costs? In that case, keep in mind that your employer may want to agree a training agreement and repayment arrangement with you. Find this out carefully. You can read more about this in this blog.

What are you entitled to?

Are you curious about your options for sustainable employability? Check your collective labor agreement or personnel guide, it states what you can use and which conditions apply. You can also talk to your employer to discuss what you want to do about sustainable employability. Good luck!

More information

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