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Hitachi: Major reorganization

On May 28, 2020, Hitachi announced a major reorganization. Both De Unie and her colleague unions, the works council (OR) and the staff were informed about this on 28 May 2020. Hitachi (HCM Europe) intends to move the production and distribution activities that are currently taking place in Oosterhout to the Hitachi location in Amsterdam. The factory in Oosterhout will close. This means that, as it currently looks, 115 jobs will be lost.

The reorganization in outline

Hitachi CME notices that its profitability in the Netherlands falls short of its expectations and what is common in the market. Given the continuity of the company, HCME therefore wants to change its strategy. She wants to make custom machines and stop making standard machines in Europe. The intention is that from now on the standard machines will only be made in Japan.

HCME will submit its reorganization plan to the works council as a request for advice immediately after Whitsun. The Works Council gives an opinion on the usefulness and necessity of the reorganization. De Unie and her colleague unions will enter into discussions with the employer about a social plan from 11 June 2020. On June 10, 2020, the vakbondand and the works council together. To agree on the points where we can strengthen and support each other in this radical process.

Deployment of De Unie

Whether the intervention proposed by HCME is a justified intervention must be the outcome of the advice process that the employer initiates with the works council. If the intervention is really necessary, we believe that a good social plan should be put in place. A plan that limits the loss of income for the affected employees and that is also primarily aimed at guiding the work at Hitachi to other work. Because the economic situation is not favorable at the moment due to COVID-19. But also because many employees have been working at HCME for quite some time. We believe that good guidance in finding a new job is therefore crucial.

What now?

De Unie and her colleague unions will meet with Hitachi for the first time on the social plan on 11 June 2020. Usually during a first meeting there are no negotiations yet. I expect that we will make process agreements with each other in that meeting. And that we outline each other's initial bets. A second meeting is scheduled for June 17.

From 11 June, members will be kept informed of the progress of our consultation on the social plan.

Questions or remarks?

As an advocate I can imagine that you have many questions about the uncertain situation that has now arisen. Don't be afraid to ask me. You can also let me know if you have any wishes about matters that you would like to see included in the social plan. Would you like to be directly involved in the discussions about the social plan? Please contact me directly. Then we discuss with each other what that exactly means.


For questions and comments you can send me an e-mail via or call 06-5252 2073.