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The coronavirus: an overview of all important information

wash your hands to reduce the spread of the coronavirus

Everyone is under the spell of the corona virus. Because you undoubtedly have questions, we wrote an umbrella blog with all relevant and reliable information about the corona virus. All information in this blog comes from government websites and is therefore the most reliable information available.

Rights and obligations for you and your employer

To know what the current situation is regarding the corona virus in the workplace, we point out the instructions from RIVM. These change daily, but provide relevant information on how to trade.

Many employers have already invested time in drawing up a protocol with (precautionary) measures. To avoid miscommunication, we recommend that you consult with your employer about working from home, paid or unpaid leave, entitlement to wages, privacy aspects and short-time working. Specific updates for employees here..

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. Even if you are not a member! Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Service Center is happy to assist you. We are available every working day from 08.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m., on 0345 - 851 963 and sc@unie.nl.

Relevant and reliable corona updates from the government

General news from the government

Due to the continuously changing situation surrounding the corona virus, the national government has set up a special news page. We recommend getting news about the current situation from the website of the national government.

Frequently asked questions for employers and entrepreneurs

As an employer or entrepreneur you want your company to continue running, while you want to guarantee the safety of your employees. The national government opened a special FAQ page for entrepreneurs and employers with questions. You can find it here.

Frequently asked questions about education and childcare

Education and childcare are essential for many parents. Also with a view to presence, work and daily supervision. The situation can change quickly. So keep an eye on the FAQ page for education and childcare. You can find it here.

Frequently asked questions about health and corona

The health of the people around you is the most important. If you have complaints that match the symptoms drawn up by the RIVM, stay at home and avoid (physical) contact with others. The national government opened a special FAQ page for people with questions about health and corona. You can find it here.

Frequently asked questions about public transport

Many people in our country depend on public transport. Unfortunately, it is therefore also a place where many people from all over the country come together. The national government opened a special FAQ page about public transport. You can find it here.

Information about the coronavirus in sign language

The national government provides some of all information about the coronavirus in Dutch Sign Language (NGT). You can find the page here.