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HEMA: Voting for social plan

A good social plan at HEMA! 

After intensive negotiations in recent weeks, De Unie 5 February a negotiation result reached with the management of HEMA on a social plan.  

A social plan is necessary to absorb the negative consequences for employees of a reorganization as effectively as possible. It could be anything. This may mean that a position is canceled and that it may be reassigned to a suitable position. But it may also be that there are no more places and that HEMA wants to terminate the employment contract. 

That is why agreements have been made about reassignmentoutplacement and a placement scheme. But De Unie has also made agreements about the amount of severance pay upon departure from HEMA. De Unie heeft agreed with HEMA a severance payment that is almost 50% higher than the statutory transition payment.  

The present social plan will initially serve for the recently announced reorganization of the Support Office.  

Because the management has previously indicated that 2019 will be the year of major changes, other business units may also be affected in the long term. In front of De Unie it was therefore of the utmost importance that the two most important agreements in the social plan, the severance payment and the agreement to come from work to work (including outplacement), be adopted when a social plan is needed for other parts of HEMA. The management has agreed to this. 

What kind De Unie would become a breaking point, but what HEMA eventually agreed to is that the severance payment and the work-to-work arrangement, during the term of the social plan, as recht Will go with the employee if the work or part where they are working is sold to another owner and the employee follows that work / part to the new owner.    

Read here the most important agreements from the social plan, including the written 'HEMA severance payment'.   

De Unie is satisfied with the result and has asked its members to vote on this. Finally, states De Unie that the level of this social plan is higher than what is currently agreed in retail. Given the circumstances, better agreements could not be made.

The floor is up to the members. The vote will run until February 13, 2019. 

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to the representative
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