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Heineken is reorganizing in the Netherlands

Tuesday September 4 the staff and De Unie and other vakbondand informed of Heineken's intention to change its organizational structure. Under the working name 'Mondriaan', Heineken Nederland Commercie, Heineken Netherlands Supply and Vrumona will be privatized under the Heineken Group. About 50-70 employees may be declared redundant.

“We will continue to discuss the exact consequences with Heineken. We are committed to zero redundancies ”, says Erwin Rog, representative of De Unie. “Heineken's communication has been clear so far, let's hope it stays that way. After all, the impact for the business support employees is great ”.

Removals and redundancies
For the 400 employees who work in business support, the impact is great: location, position and reporting lines will change for them. Heineken also expects that 50 to 70 employees from this group will become redundant. In addition, new functions will emerge. Heineken has promised us to make every effort to keep that number as low as possible. De Unie will soon start talks with Heineken about all the consequences of Mondrian and will continue to assess this commitment.

Conversations with Heineken
Heineken has promised that cost savings are not the reason for this reorganization. The privatization should stimulate entrepreneurship and bring more focus. A provisional green light is now requested from the Works Council for the entire organizational change. At a detailed level, separate requests for advice will follow. De Unie continues to discuss the consequences of Mondrian with Heineken. We will work hard for a fair and clean trial with as few redundancies as possible.

Photo: ANP