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Heineken Group: Vote again

Wednesday, September 30, Heineken Group made a final offer, which we put to you for a vote. The result of this vote was clear: this final offer cannot count on approval. An impasse. What now?

In conversation

De Unie has informed Heineken Group that the result is negative, but that it would like to discuss this. Thursday, October 29, we met with Heineken Group. This conversation was twofold:

  •  Announcement 20% reduction in personnel costs
  • No approval final offer

Personnel costs

We have been informed by Chris van Steenbergen about the target to reduce personnel costs by 20%. The announcement in the press, accompanying the quarterly figures, indicates a relationship with Heineken's performance. On the other hand, it was indicated that the 'evergreen' project had already started before Covid-19 was on the agenda. Nevertheless, the current crisis does have an effect on the reorientation: the world is becoming much more digital. The exact impact of the reorganization is not yet clear. The intention is to have a request for advice from the participation in December. The moment of reorganization couldn't be worse: the labor market has deteriorated considerably and applying online and having to say goodbye online is the last thing you want. Incidentally, we have a social plan (SBR) that runs until July 1, 2022.

We have indicated that we would like to be kept informed if more is clear, so that we can answer your questions. In addition, we asked to use the NOW if Heineken meets the conditions. This government scheme was created to maintain employment. And last but not least: also look at other ways to cut back, for example by location (costs).

Final offer

The above topic is of course very impactful for employees who are affected by this. That therefore sheds a different light on the final offer. Nevertheless, we have put the rejection on the table. We cannot avoid that. The level for 2021 was the biggest stumbling block. Heineken Group has reconsidered this and informed us on Tuesday 3 November that it would improve on a few points.

  • The 2 extra days off (on a full-time basis) can be taken freely in 2021.
  • The amount of € 250 will be provided as untaxed benefit (net instead of gross).
    You can read the entire (adjusted) final offer here..

Next step?

We ask you again to vote on what is on the table. After all, the offer from Heineken Group has improved. In addition, it has also become very clear that there is no longer any room for adjustment of the final offer. In light of the forthcoming restructuring that will cost jobs, a better proposal is even further away. Returning to the table is therefore not an option. Failure to sign can now mean that the collective labor agreement will still be ratified by other trade unions. While we do like to stay at the table, because in the future we want to make up for the difference in pay between Heineken Netherlands and Heineken Group that has arisen as a result of this CLA!

Vote again

That is why I ask you to vote again. The content of the final offer has been adjusted in accordance with the above two points. We will not get a better offer at this time because of the good conversation. You can now also explain your voice. Are you still against, please let us know how you reinforce this vote against?

The members have again received an invitation to vote.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact advocate Erwin Rog by e-mail or call 06-5252 2036.