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Heineken Group: short update

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 De Unie, MHP Heineken and the other trade unions had renewed consultations with Heineken Group about a new collective labor agreement. The current collective labor agreement has already expired on 1 January. Once again, the consultation took place via Teams. After a short update on measures taken by Heineken Group because of Corona, we resumed consultations on the collective labor agreement.


In the previous consultation, Heineken Group explained their wishes. This time it was the turn of the trade unions. Given the enormously changing world we have entered, we have also decided to reconsider our proposals. We believe that we should allow the results of the Digi-C research to be leading in the collective labor agreement negotiations. But in the current circumstances, organizations, including the Heineken Group, are more in survival mode and there is little room for 'major' changes. With that fact, our wishes have not disappeared, but we have indicated that we wish to conclude a short collective labor agreement without many adjustments. You read our original commitment here .


In very concrete terms, this means a collective labor agreement in which we arrange wages and agree on urgent matters - if possible - or otherwise discuss them in the near future to implement as soon as possible (at the latest in the following collective labor agreement).

In our view, what needs to be arranged are:

  • The hourly wage discussion (when selling days).
  • Expansion of leave options (Heineken Group proposed to shorten the limitation period for leave, we propose to be able to save leave for a sabbatical or take up before retirement).
  • A CLA term of 1 year (so until 1 January 2021).
  • 3,75% has been agreed at Heineken Netherlands Supply and Heineken Commerce. Heineken Group has come up with 1,5%. We have indicated that we do not want to stick to 3,75% if the Heineken Group also moves in our direction.


We have scheduled a follow-up meeting on Thursday 7 May. We have also expressed the hope that we can then achieve a result. Especially nowadays it is nice to have certainty about this.


If you have any questions, please contact the advocate by email You can also call him on 06-5252 2036.