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Do you have the right to work from home?

Many of us have been working from home for a few months. Then it can be exciting to go back to work and get close to your colleagues. Can you enforce longer working from home? In other words: do you have the right to work from home? The Gelderland District Court has ruled not. Our employment law experts explain this statement.


The pronounciation

An employee had been working from home since March 15, but had to return to the office from May 6. She did not feel comfortable and safe with that. She asked her employer for permission to work at home longer, at least until September 1; who did not agree. Then she went to court. The court ruled that the employer was right: he took enough measures for a safe workplace and explained well why the employees needed to work in the office. The judge further said: 'The very generally formulated government advice about working from home as much as possible does not interfere so far with this specific legal relationship that the employee can derive a' right to work from home 'from it'.

No right to work from home

So you cannot enforce working from home. At most, you can request to stay at home longer, but your employer does not have to agree to this. Your employer is obliged to provide a safe workplace. And you can lend a hand with that. In this article you can read what your employer must do, and what you can do for a safe workplace. Do you not feel safe enough at work? Discuss with your employer which measures might help.

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