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“Big mistake of the Holland Casino pension fund board”

That says Huug Brinkers, advocate De Unie at Holland Casino. The Holland Casino pension fund is going to liquidate without any reason whatsoever. “Holland Casino wants to transfer the implementation of the pension scheme to a general pension fund (APF), but vakbondand have not given permission for this. We first want to investigate the consequences for people. However, they continue despite legal proceedings against Holland Casino. We have also called on the pension fund board not to take irreversible decisions, but they are going to be liquidated anyway, ”said Huug Brinkers.

No unilateral change

De Unie looks forward to the decision of the judge with confidence. An agreement between social partners cannot be unilaterally changed by an employer. The switch from your own pension fund to an APF could mean a deterioration for the almost 3.000 Holland Casino employees. De Unie will defend the interests of the employees of Holland Casino.