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GKN Fokker: Closing Landing Gear Helmond and Elmo Hoogerheide!

GKN Fokker has De Unie and her fellow unions announce that she wants to close Landing Gear in Helmond and Elmo in Hoogerheide. An unprecedented hard message for those who work there. Your employer wants to accommodate the activities of Landing Gear and Elmo at the location in Papendrecht. A registration form for an online information meeting can be found at the bottom of this message.

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GKN Fokker does not want to apply the current social plan

De Unie believes that the current social plan applies to this reorganisation. Your employer thinks not. She believes that the work should not be canceled, but moved. And that is why the current social plan does not apply.

An incomprehensible reasoning. In the WOR (Works Councils Act) the closure of a location is regarded as a reorganisation. And also in the social plans that we as vakbondand closing, employees who work at a location that always closes are covered by a social plan. Only GKN Fokker believes that most employees in Helmond and Hoogerheide will not be made redundant, because their position will not cease to exist, but will simply be relocated.

We therefore have a fundamental disagreement with your employer.

We are of course always willing to talk to your employer about compensation for travel time and additional travel costs for those who live within 60 minutes traveling distance of Papendrecht or who voluntarily choose to follow their work to Papendrecht for a longer travel distance. But in addition to the current social plan.

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Don't sign anything yet!

GKN Fokker has described in detail in a letter to the staff of Landing Gear and Hoogerheide which scheme it offers instead of the social plan. Your employer wants everyone to follow his/her work to Papendrecht.

However, GKN Fokker's offer is considerably more disadvantageous than the current social plan. Moreover, we have not yet negotiated an additional relocation arrangement with your employer. So don't sign anything yet! Do not sign an offer or a new employment contract until we have concluded negotiations with GKN Fokker. You can then have any offer assessed by a lawyer from De Unie.

Online members meeting

I, representative Hans Korver, can imagine you have questions about the reorganization announced by GKN Fokker on March 18, 2022. I am therefore organizing an online members' meeting to explain the situation as we see it vakbondand understand and experience. You can of course also ask me questions. In addition, I am curious to hear from you what the commitment of De Unie should be in the upcoming negotiations with GKN Fokker.

The online members meeting will take place on Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 19:30 PM. Even if you are not a member of De Unie you can join this online meeting.  You can register here.

Members have been invited to register.

Questions or remarks?

Do you have any questions or comments? Please contact me. You can contact me on and on 06-5252 2073.