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FME blocks any solution for the Metalektro collective agreement

Campaign continues, your support is needed!

The employers in the Metalektro (FME) apparently do not want a new collective labor agreement in the Metalektro! Unfortunately, we have to determine this after informal discussions with the employers. 

Still no new collective labor agreement

After six months of campaigning, strikes and reconnaissance, there is still no new collective labor agreement for 150.000 employees in the Metalektro. A few weeks ago we were close to an agreement, until the FME suddenly put fifteen new requirements on the table.

Under pressure from actions, the FME chairman agreed on November 26, 2018 to resume negotiations “immediately”. But the informal conversations that followed have shattered the hope that the FME is still prepared to take real steps in the short term. Since then, the FME has only widened rather than narrowed the gap.

We continue to work very hard on a new collective labor agreement, but the FME is blocking any solution in this way. The FME negotiator may say boldly that he will never bow to strikes, but in the meantime they will let you burst!

Companies always indicate that they want a collective labor agreement. If they really mean this, then it is high time for them to give that assignment to the FME! After all, the FME speaks on behalf of the employer.

As far as we are concerned, we would rather conclude a new collective labor agreement today than tomorrow. But then the FME will have to show that it also wants to work on this. That is in the interest of the entire sector.

What do we want?

Deployment of the vakbondand is a future-proof collective labor agreement, with an annual wage increase of 3,5% with a floor of a thousand euros and good proposals to combine their work and private life. We also want a so-called generation pact and measures to increase the sustainable employability of the metal workers. And the flexibilisation that has gone too far must come to an end. This means that the remuneration and terms of employment for everyone (both permanent and temporary) are the same.

The campaign continues?

That means that the campaign will continue unabated to achieve a result! Lots of actions have been organized throughout the country recently. Many actions are also planned for the coming period. It is important that we shake up the employer in order to repent. Therefore, contact the representative to go through the planning and to further flesh out the campaign.

Download this PDF and distribute it in the company among colleagues