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Energy at UnitedConsumers

At the beginning of July, energy rates in the Netherlands rose. You as a consumer have no influence on such price increases. Especially when your contract expires, the amount you pay for energy increases significantly. There is something you can do about this: switch to another energy supplier. That is why energy supplier and our partner UnitedConsumers have an offer for you.


UnitedConsumers is a consumer collective with over 500.000 participants. By buying in bulk, they receive a purchasing advantage. And that advantage completely benefits the members and followers of De Unie.

As an energy supplier, UnitedConsumers calculates the average energy prices of the ten largest energy suppliers on a monthly basis. The energy price of UnitedConsumers is always 10% lower than the national average. In addition, our members and followers also receive a nice welcome bonus and they benefit from excellent service.

Action: If you take out your energy contract between September 5 and November 4, you will receive an increased welcome bonus of € 160,00 with a 3-year contract. This way we ensure that you are still profitable.

Your advantage at UnitedConsumers

  • In addition to the standard discount, you get as a member or follower of De Unie an extra discount of € 100,00 when purchasing gas and electricity.
  • 100% wind energy.
  • A cancellation fine? UnitedConsumers pays that!
  • Energy price is always 10% lower than the national average.
  • Do you have a question or need advice? There is always a qualified energy advisor ready for you!

Save up to € 500,00 on your energy bill with a 3-year contract! Do you only turn off gas or electricity? Then you will receive an extra discount of € 50,00. This way you are always assured of cheap energy. All you have to do is sign up. UnitedConsumers will take care of the rest.

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Do you have any questions?

You can contact UnitedConsumers on 040-235 05 60 or energie@unitedconsumers.com. Don't forget to mention that your questions are about the energy supply at De Unie. Then we ensure that you are helped as best as possible.