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Final offer Philips Lighting for a new collective labor agreement

De Unie negotiated a new collective labor agreement in March 2018. Unfortunately, these negotiations have not led to an acceptable negotiation outcome. Negotiations took place for a third time on April 25, 2018. Ultimately, the employer made a final offer for a new collective labor agreement and social plan. Read the final offer here. The content of this is far from the proposals of De Unie except for the social plan. Read the proposals here De Unie.

This means that the employer is no longer prepared to negotiate further in order to arrive at a result that is acceptable to all parties. For that reason can De Unie this final offer with a positive advice de Uniemembers. Based on the most recent disappointing figures, the employer is of the opinion that there is no longer any financial scope to meet the requirements.

To vote

The members of De Unie have been informed that they can vote on the final offer.


If you have any further questions about this, please contact the representative via email