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Personal contributions for transport facilities UWV reduced

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Everyone deserves a job opportunity. That is why people with an occupational disability need to get more prospects for work. Good news, because in recent years people from this group are increasingly finding a place with a regular employer. In order to add extra force to this development, State Secretary Van Ark is lowering the personal contributions for transport facilities - even when the economy is less successful - she wrote in a letter to the Lower House.

Taxi or other adapted transport

Does someone with an occupational disability use a taxi or other adapted transport via the UWV? Then a personal contribution applies, which means that users are compensated for the extra costs they incur as a result of their disability. That contribution is based on income. A high income therefore means that the personal contribution is higher. The House of Representatives has recently expressed concern about the group of people who are just above the income threshold. After all, the higher personal contribution can become an obstacle to their participation in this whole. State Secretary Van Ark has therefore decided to soften the personal contribution for this group.

Mitigation measures

The increase in the personal contribution, when the income threshold is exceeded, will be (approximately) halved from 35 cents to 18 cents per kilometer. With the higher personal contribution, the price will be reduced from 42 to 35 cents per kilometer. When someone with an occupational disability chooses to purchase his own adapted transport, the personal contribution will be reduced from approximately € 28.000 to € 5.000.

In addition, a maximum personal contribution of € 225 per month, valid for any type of transport, will be created. In this way, people with disabilities who have to travel a greater distance are greatly helped.

The standard amounts decision provisions

All these measures are included in the Standard Amounts Decree on provisions. This will be adjusted by the UWV to all new regulations and agreements. This decision will take effect retroactively from 1 July 2019. The UWV will inform all concerned customers about the changes and what they mean for them.

From 1 January 2019, an adjustment period of six months already applies. After this adjustment period, the new personal contributions come into effect. By means of this adjustment period, the customer is offered the opportunity to investigate, together with employees of the UWV, what the best alternatives are for commuting.

Source: Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, June 26, 2019.


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