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DSM: Member meetings

Higher and higher

Profits are constantly increasing at DSM. On April 12, 2018, another announcement was made about an even higher profit for this year. However, as became clear last week, DSM has a special policy in mind. You should not share good results with your employees. Vakbondand consider this an unacceptable development.

Member meetings

In the members' meetings, the vakbondand explain the state of affairs and discuss which follow-up steps can be taken to agree on a good collective labor agreement.

The members meeting are scheduled on:

 Date(s)  Time of day  Establishment  Meeting location
 April 23  15.00 Hours  Zwolle  Auditorium 1002-50 Conference Room Zwolle
 April 24  10.30 am and 19.00 pm  Emmen  Hotel Ten Cate, Noordbargerstraat 44, Emmen
 April 26  11.00am, 15.30pm and 19.30pm  Limburg  Hotel Van der Valk, Mauritslaan 65, Urmond.
 May 2  19.00 Hours  Delft  Bistro, 2e floor of the Alexander Fleminghouse (near the canteen)
 May 3  12.45 am and 15.30 pm  Waalwijk  NH Hotels, Bevrijdingsweg 1, Sprang Capelle

Disorganized employees are also welcome, becoming a member is a free choice, but a great good! After all, the collective labor agreement is for all employees.

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