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Beverage industry: Results of the vote on the Beverage Agreement

In November we have de Unie-informed members about the negotiation result achieved for a new collective labor agreement for Beverages. Our newsletter about this is here. to read. We then asked the members to give an opinion on this by means of a member vote. The result of the vote is now known.

Voting result

The members of De Unie who voted were unanimous for the final result. A nice confirmation of the earlier unanimous result of the interim vote on pay. Also with the others vakbond the result of the members was positive. This means that the negotiation result will be converted into a new CLA for Beverages for the period 2019-2020.


Now that there is an agreement, the text of the collective labor agreement booklet will be adjusted. It then becomes available to the employee through the employer. We have made agreements about a number of studies in the collective labor agreement. This concerns the elaboration of the Generation Pact, the interpretation of sustainable employability and the operation of the clock hours matrix. In 2020 we will take the time to research and discuss these. So to be continued.


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