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Beverage industry:

At the end of January 2022 I have you with my previous newsletter informed about the offer made by employers for a new CLA for Beverages and asked for your opinion on this. The result of that vote is known. I also have some current information about your pension (fund) for this year.

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Voting result

The members of De Unie agreed to the employer's offer. The supporters have reacted critically to the lower limit of 75 employees in the generation pact. De Unie has therefore called on employers to look at this a bit more broadly, since it is a minimum collective labor agreement and deviation in a positive sense is possible for employees. The results of the members at CNV Vakmensen were also positive. The members of the FNV did not agree. Now that the two trade unions have received the green light, the offer will be converted into a new CLA for Beverages for 2022. As soon as the text of the new CLA is available, I will send it to you in a subsequent newsletter.


The Detailhandel pension fund has a own page for the Beverage sector. For the Beverages sector, a premium of 2022% will apply in 24,75, with the employer's share being 16,2075% and the employee's share 8,5425%. The franchise will be €2022 in 14.720 and was €16.149 in 2021.


If you would like to respond to this newsletter or have contact about a collective case, you can reach me, representative Emanuel Geurts, via or via my phone number 06-52522074. For individual advice you can contact my colleagues from the Service Center via 0345-851 963, via e-mail address or the chat function