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As the employees may have read on the intranet, we are, De Unie and the other vakbondand, started talking with HEMA about a social plan.
“In order to be able to respond properly and flexibly to the necessary changes, HEMA is already in talks with the vakbondand a new social plan for the support office (SO) to draft ”, says HEMA on Intranet.
And to the question whether there will soon be a social plan for the other business units of HEMA, the answer from HEMA is: “That could be, but we don't have any concrete discussions about that at the moment. ”

So changes will be made to the SO. And for that a social plan is needed. And, as it can be understood, a social plan may soon be needed for 'necessary changes' in other parts. De Unie therefore assumes, when negotiating a social plan SO, that this social plan SO must also basically apply if necessary changes are implemented elsewhere at HEMA. De Unie also believes that the social plan should go with the employee if the part is sold to another employer. Then any new employer is also bound by the social plan.

All members talk and participate in decisions

Because in our opinion the social plan should have this broad effect, I also immediately mention the most important reason why us all members involve HEMA and have a say in the social plan SO: Each  an employee at HEMA may have to deal with the social plan SO; is it not now then perhaps (a little) later.

The deployment of De Unie in the negotiations

On January 24, 2019, we had a first meeting with HEMA about the social plan SO. You can accept the proposal HEMA has made here  read. This HEMA proposal is a long way from anything De Unie as a social plan.
De Unie wants to make agreements about a social plan SO that are the same as those in the social plan HEMA from 1 January 2014 to 30 June 2015. This social plan is here  to read.

Severance pay

The most striking difference between what HEMA is now proposing and the previous social plan 2014/2015 is the amount of the severance payment. HEMA proposes the transition payment (a severance payment to which employees are entitled to as of 1 July 2015 under the law!), While the subdistrict court formula has been agreed in the 2014/2015 social plan.

I think it is good to indicate the difference between transition compensation and the subdistrict court formula here. Both 'formulas' are based on the number of weighted service months x the monthly income.

Subdistrict court formula: 
- years of service up to the age of 35 count as ½ month
- years of service from 35 to 45 years count as 1 month
- years of service from 45 to 55 years count as 1 ½ months
- years of service of 55 years and older count as 2 months

Transition Fee:

  • 1/6 monthly salary for every six months of service in the first 10 years of your employment contract.
  • 1/4 monthly salary per half year of service that you have been employed for more than 10 years.

If we apply both formulas to an 'imaginary' HEMA employee who was born on January 1, 1965, entered service on April 1, 1999 and has a monthly income of € 4.500 and who
is fired on April 1, 2019, this is the outcome:

  • if the subdistrict court formula is applied, there is a severance payment
      € 108.000, - (24 weighted months x € 4.500) and
  • if the transition payment is applied, there is a severance payment
      € 46.500, - (10,33 weighted months x € 4.500).
    (Also see:

De Unie sees no reason to treat the employee who now has to leave HEMA worse than the employee who had to leave HEMA with the previous social plan. And I would also like to mention that from the inventory of the 140 social plans that were concluded between 1 July 2015 (the moment the transition payment was legally established) and 1 May 2018, 70% (100 of the 140 social plans concluded) the subdistrict court formula has been agreed.

De Unie believes that the subdistrict court formula should be included in the social plan SO.

Other elements in the social plan

Other important agreements in the social plan concern the efforts and the search for a new job or a new job with a different employer, such as:

  • guidance from work to work
  • reassignment to a suitable position
  • outplacement, costs and duration

But also:

  • accelerated departure scheme
  • placement scheme
  • exemption from work in the event of redundancy
  • hardship clause

Op January 30 2019 we will continue to negotiate a good social plan.

Discuss and participate in the decision-making process about the social plan 'SO'

I am curious what you think should be in a good social plan. Mail

Also forward this mailing to your colleague! Or print and hand it out. Also the opinions and reactions to this mailing from colleagues who are not (yet) members of De Unie are greatly appreciated.

If your colleague is a member of De Unie is going to be ( he / she will soon also be able to participate in decisions about the social plan. Membership is € 100.