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De Unie in the media with research on purchasing power and spending space

Almost six in ten Dutch people with a secondary or higher education level believe that their spending limit has decreased or remained the same in recent years. This comes from the research that MWM2 commissioned De Unie has performed. Reinier Castelein from De Unie: “We often hear that everyone is improving, but the experience is really different. When people time and again perceive something different from the reality presented by a cabinet, this leads to uncertainty. This uncertainty is detrimental to the stability of our society. ”


We have been blown away by the overwhelming number of people who took part in our survey, nearly 1500 'regular' respondents and no less than 5.370 of our own members. Proof for us that the subject of income and expenditure security is very much alive. The last question for the participants was whether they would like to have a meeting with the researchers and the chairman to discuss the questionnaire further. In all fairness, we expected that maybe 30 or 40 members would want that conversation. But there were more than 1100. We are honored, surprised and surprised. That is why we are enthusiastic about it. We do this by organizing a symposium where we meet the 1100 respondents as well as all other members De Unie for invite.


The research consists of two parts. Some with only Union members, and some with a broader panel of Dutch people who are not members of De Unie. The results of the national section have been analyzed and we are fully in the media with that from today, starting with a contribution by chairman Reinier Castelein to Radio OneToday. You will find the results of the research here . Likewise it is press release can be read back on our website.

Member Comments

We will investigate the reactions of our members in more depth in preparation for the symposium. We do this by going into the country with round table sessions with the researchers and chairman Reinier Castelein, members were able to indicate their interest in this during the research.


On May 16, we are organizing a symposium in Culemborg, with feedback on our research into purchasing power, spending capacity and income and expenditure uncertainty. We conduct interactive discussions and have leading speakers. We will only determine the exact location when we know how many participants will be attending. All members are invited to the symposium via the newsletter.