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De Unie: no reason to hand in RJC

Yesterday, September 29, 2020, De Unie with her colleaguevakbondand consulted with RJC. This consultation was about the approach of RJC to achieve cost savings through a reduction in the employment conditions of the employees. With this, according to RJC's management, RJC contributes to keeping KLM, KLC and thus RJC afloat.

Despite the fact that management does not expect it to be necessary to apply for a loan under government guarantees through KLM, it does believe that it is necessary to request a contribution from the employees via the now infamous “scale”. On average this would amount to an amount of 5% of the wage costs. This would amount to a contribution of around 900.000 euros. RJC says that by handing in this amount in terms of employment, the credit facility of the banks and government will be secured. The vakbondand nowhere read that the agreements imposed on KLM (the term sheet) should also apply to RJC.

Prior to the consultation, the joint unions asked questions to gain insight into the financial situation and expectations of the RJC. From the answers we received in writing and during the consultation, no other insight emerged for us than that with which we left the previous meeting: we see no need for a (symbolic) contribution to the KLM group by the RJC colleagues .

Certainly, things are currently going very badly for KLM and therefore also for KLC, but this does not have the same impact for the RJC, because it is in the market as an external MRO supplier. In addition, KLM / KLC has explicitly stated that it will fly first with the "cheapest" aircraft. The Embraer is that cheapest plane and let RJC have it in maintenance.
The need for maintenance arises from the flying itself, not from the amount of (un) filled seats. For the time being, RJC does not need financial support from the government loan made available to KLM. The current financial position of the RJC is robust. The outlook for the next few months has been adjusted downwards in recent weeks, so that there will be no increase in the work supply, but a decrease. The outlook for after that is also worrisome. A contribution from the employees does not change the financial position or those prospects for RJC.

In particular, the erratic course of the COVID-19 with the yellow, orange and red codes makes it difficult for KLC to adequately predict the required capacity, but even more difficult to fill the flights, which means that the number of cancellations is growing. For RJC, this means that the changes in staffing must follow that erratic course. Until last week there was a need for hiring, the latest predictions now assume a (temporary) overcapacity of about 20 men during the winter operation. The vakbondand have indicated that this makes hiring and secondment superfluous, but that there is still no need to make a contribution for RJC employees. And that we will not give up anything under the current circumstances. RJC has indicated in the current situation no longer with the vakbondand to come back to agree on an employment conditions contribution.

Of course it remains De Unie along with the other vakbondand willing to look for solutions together with RJC in times of need. You and your colleagues will of course be the first to notice when the need arises. Because then you see the work drying up. Fortunately, that is not the case yet.


If you have any questions, please contact Gertjan Tommel, e-mail address: Telephone number 06 5252 2034 or you can contact your Union negotiating delegation, Arjen van der Heide, Kees Klomberg, Sander ter Brugge.