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De Unie does not consider the final offer of FME

De Unie does not address the final offer of the employers in the Metalektro (FME). We have now also informed the FME by letter.

The FME is still going through it De Unie issued ultimatum is not serious. Only when the FME responds seriously to this ultimatum can we make good agreements at the negotiating table for a new Collective Labor Agreement for Metalektro. After all, we conclude a good collective labor agreement through negotiations. De Unie has made every effort to date to arrive at that good new collective labor agreement.

The FME still keeps coming back to proposals that it already knows are for De Unie are difficult to accept, such as:

  • No salary increase for everyone working in the sector;
  • Not a decent supplement in the event of illness for all employees in the sector;
  • A Generation Pact as a right for all employees, whereby employers do not contribute but even earn from them.

This is regardless of the salary increase offered, with which the FME is counting on itself due to an increase in the previous collective labor agreement and wants to put a release of a pre-pension premium into its own pocket.

As long as the FME does not want to seriously respond to the real wishes, we unfortunately have to continue campaigning. We continue to count on the support of the employees of the metal & electronics industry!

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